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Our Commitment

"Thoroughly Analyzed"

Swift ProSys offers a wide range of services which diversifies into every area of a business. Each and every aspect and prospect of a project is thoroughly analyzed, risks are identified and solutions provided with measured steps and so we make every project a success.


Our Assurance

"No Compromise On Quality"

Swift ProSys “PERFORMANCE and QUALITY” exceeding client’s expectations consistently. All our processes are controlled and monitored by qualified professionals and maintain a high level of Quality.


Consistent Service

"24/7 Throughout Year"

Our data processing offices in India work 24/7 and 365 days of the year. So the customer can rest assured of prompt delivery at all times.


Our Services

  • Data Capture

    Swift ProSys has designed data entry process based on the quality requirement. Using state-of-art software tools, the data entry can be done for Plain text as well as Forms.

  • PDF Conversion

    Swift ProSys converts the archival documents into PDF format. The PDF can be supplied as an Image PDF or Text PDF or text behind Image PDF.

  • Typesetting services

    Swift ProSys also typesetting services. We offer a complete range of services to educational publishers and printing presses as well as their intermediaries both in the US and the UK.

  • ePaper / Newspaper Digitization

    Swift ProSys has high expertise in Newspaper Digitization. We have a specialised software tools to convert a current online Newspaper or Historical Newspapers into ePaper.

  • ePub2 to ePub3

    ePub 3.0 is the current revised version of the ePub standard. ePub 3 was developed pursuant to a charter approved by the IDPF Membership in May, 2010.

  • OCR

    Swift ProSys provides OCR services for multilanguage texts. Optical Character Recognition is an automated electornic text process without invovling human re-keying.

  • Word / Excel Conversion

    Swift ProSys has expertise in MS-Office Formatting / Styling. We have a unique process to provide the data in MS-Word from any resources.

  • MARC21 Retroconversion

    Swift ProSys has vast experience in MARC21 rectroconversion. A unique process is used to provide the data in both MarcXML, MARC21 <#60; UNIMARC formats.

  • EAD Encoding

    Swift ProSys has great expertise in EAD standard for Encoding Archival Finding Aids. We can convert any raw materials like pages, images, Excel, MS-Access to EAD Encoding.

  • Application Development

    We are specialized in providing affordable and cost effective, value added solutions to various sectors in Shipping, Logistics, Insurance, Freight forwarding, Banking, Marketing, Retail, Brand management, process improvement, HR solutions, Education and Engineering.

  • QA Services

    We are experts in eLearning, eCommerce, web-based application testing and automation testing. Our solutions are end-to-end and cost-effective. QA Services ensures organizational compliance, faster turnaround times, and efficient delivery models, for better productivity.

  • Mobile App

    Developments made in the smart phone technology and the recent surge in the number of smart phone users clearly show that demand of mobile apps is increasing rapidly. Swift ProSys offers mobile application development services for android, iPhone, iPad and windows mobile.

  • eBook / Book digitization

    Swift ProSys provides high quality ebook conversions for a low price Our state-of-the-art tools and processes can convert any type of materials like paperbacks, Images, PDFs, MS-Word / RTF books to any eBook format.

  • Digitization / Digitalisation

    Swift ProSys provides vast range of content digitization services to convert from any type of source to a digital format.

  • Scanning / Indexing

    Our partner TILAK AAKRITI SERVICES provides a wide range of scanning services. TILAK AAKRITI SERVICES has the lastest and sophisticated scanning equipments to scan the books and document.

  • XML / xHTML Conversion

    Swift ProSys expertise in XML encoding either to a book or journal. We have hands of experience in the following XML Encoding.

  • iBooks Author

    Swift ProSys creates presentable multi-touch textbooks in iBooks Author.iBooks Author(iBA) is an eBook application by Apple Inc.


About Us

Swift ProSys is a leading digital content solutions provider to over 60 clients, in more than 20 countries. We provide solutions and support to our prestigious clients keeping in mind their unique and customized requirements. Our clients include Government Institutions, Libraries, Universities, Publishers and Service Providers.

Swift ProSys was established in April 2009. Since its inception, we have worked so closely with our clients that they consider Swift ProSys an extension of their work place. We hope to create the same kind of working relationship with all our clients.

Our strong team of more than 120 individuals in digital content solutions and 70 plus smart programmers in Applications development in our offices in Chennai, India, is supported by experienced Project Managers and Sales consultants in Canada, UK, Europe, < West Africa for providing highest quality of service to its clients at all times.

Our Mission

To deliver the high quality and most cost-effective content digitization to our clients using quality manpower available in India.

Our Team

Our team is well-qualified and fully trained. Swift ProSys has maintained its reputation for quality, reliability and excellent customer service since its inception. Our team consists of experienced and forward thinking professionals working in a diverse cultural environment. We believe in freedom of thought and idea sharing and team work, thereby enabling us to provide our collective best solutions to our clients and an even better service at all times.

Why Swift ProSys

"Delivering high quality with cost effectiveness” is at the center of our offering. Swift ProSys has invested heavily in process methodologies for the sole purpose of delivering a high quality product. Our low pricing structure for delivering a high quality product and a good working relationship enables our clients to minimise their spending on non-core functionalities.

Voice of Customers


It was so satisfying to receive such a professional bid on the KBB project, that I couldn’t see no reason not working with you, even though it is a very big project, and we had no experiences with you. But I’m sure that this is just the first project we do together.


I would just like to mention, as I did to Mohan yesterday, that we are extremely pleased with the work you and your team have done for us. Your accuracy and speed have been very impressive indeed, thank you very much

Sarah Handwritten registers

Thanks, for the quick turnaround on these files as usual. Greatly appreciated. They are with UNICEF now for review.

Lindsey United Nations Publications

Thank you for your swift response. I guess that's why your company is Swift Prosys

We have now successfully completed 2 projects with Swift ProSys and are happy with the quality of work we have received. I trust that the changes within your organisation will not adversely affect our relationship with Swift ProSys.

Jonny Service Provider

I'm very happy with it, well done. I'll give you any more feedback later but it looks like you've done everything right.

Alex Publisher

That is excellent. I am very pleased.

John Handwritten registers

Thank you very much, everything seems to be in good order, and thank you for completing this project in good time.

David Scanning Bureau

Swift ProSys is a valuable and important partner to us and we will certainly keep up the good partnership.

Ralf Service Provider

You did an excellent job on the index! There is nothing for me to say except: thank you and keep going like that! Thank you very much for your efforts

Marie Service Provider

We checked your last files from 1964-1968. We are quite satisfied with your work, so that we would transfer your files immediately to our customer. Thank you very much!

Tessa Service Provider

You did a very good job here. The reference numbers (Signatur) were 100% correct. Also, you employed the Vermerk element very well, indicating when you were uncertain about a particular element.

Tessa Service Provider

Today I found time to look into the last delivery. It looks fine. I have not seen so much mistakes. That looks good. Thank you very much.

Silvio Service Provider

The epub was checked and there are no changes. I got very positive feedback from the editor, thanks for the outstanding work!

Brenda Service Provider

Feel free to contact them, I can highly recommend Swift Prosys. I have included their pricing in the pervious mail to you (please check these with Swift as it might have changed slightly)

Martin Service Provider

Thank you, to you and your team, for the great work < support this year as our partners. We appreciate the dedication and hard work that went into the project

Jason Service Provider

SWIFT offers a quick turnaround time from the time we send files to the time we receive the epubs back. Always available to communicate with Friendly and responsive team

Publisher from South Africa

Thanks for this quick delivery and good decision in placing photos as you did.
Much appreciated,

Rudy, Publisher from Holland

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